LickTheSpoonShop Cookies and A Weekend Catchup

Goodness the weekends just seem to fly by sometimes and then I'm sitting back in my office at work reminiscing of the time and waiting for the hours to pass. This weekend we decided weekends would just be for us so for the most part my phone and all that is social media related was off to me for the days and I was able to just live them with Shay. Posting everyday and taking pictures constantly has been loads of fun but we wanted to make sure to take time away from the buzz of the Internet just to enjoy with ourselves. Friday we made delicious food that I cannot wait to share. It was a nice evening as always and we went to bed with full tummies and happy heads. On Saturday Shay and I finally got around to filling our planter. Sam and Rob were kind enough to want to help us with our gardening adventure and when we had gotten back from the gym, Rob had rebuilt a beautiful planter with expensive wood and there were five bags of soil waiting for us. To be quite honest we were waiting to start our planter because soil can be expensive and plants aren't always cheap. Finding those bags of soil and seeing them working in the garden helping us was something so entirely sweet. Shay and I were most likely only going to be able to afford one bag of soil and to see them go out of their way to help us just was undeniably the kindest thing they could have done. We rushed off to the Plant Store and filled our cart with vegetables and herbs. When we got back Shay started planting and of course, I stood and photographed. We planted a garden and I cannot wait to see it grow. 

Sunday was an eventful day, to say the least. Our normal Sunday routine involves waking up early and going for a long nice hike. We're usually out walking in the spring air for an hour or two and then head back with warm muscles ready for our leg day routines. This Sunday we went back again to Paradise Falls where I last photographed the beautiful waterfall and stunning views. We decided to walk a different trail and wandered along. About two hours in we head up a mountain path and find ourselves completely and utterly lost. We'd ventured over into a different city, even so yes, we were lost. Our GPS told us if we took the streets it would take four hours to get back to my car and the path we'd gone on was a far fetch to get us anywhere before long. We were lost and it sucked. I saw the mountain we'd originally started at off in the distance and we had no other choice but to try to find a way back. Two more hours and eleven miles later we somehow found my car. Shay's legs nearly gave out and we hadn't packed water. We had to walk through a lake, over an old factory and ran into a huge black snake. Four hours later we were exhausted and tanned and our day had passed by far too fast. After showering away the dirt we were fried and sore so for most of the afternoon he and I just laid in bed unable to move. Somehow we managed to crawl out of bed and get our workouts done too but the activities we had planned were something we never got to do. 
Shay officially began his "bulk" period so he's been able to eat all kinds of delicious treats. I'm still "cutting" and have to wait until our Fridays but I enjoy making tasty treats for him and Sam and Rob to eat. As I'd mentioned in my previous post, we recently have been able to work with some amazing Etsy shops and one of them sent us a lovely jar of cookie dough. Emily from LickTheSpoonShop sent us over one of her lovely treats. She makes vegan cookie dough beautifully put into tiny mason jars and ready to eat raw or bake up for something sweet. Shay baked a batch of cookies and topped them with a dollop of Whip Cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon and I added a cherry on the side for good measure and beautiful taste. He gobbled them up fast and really enjoyed the warm gooey cookie piece. The idea was really really neat, cookie dough jars made to last for seven days. Emily makes a few different flavors of her vegan cookie mix and this one was definitely tasty and sweet. It's an awesome affordable gift to buy for anyone who has a sweet tooth and doesn't want just a generic store bought treat. An awesome little addition for a mid Sunday bite and a lovely store with an incredibly kind girl running it online. Be sure to check Emily out and her lovely Etsy Shop

To finish off the weekend, on Sunday night after a shower and a grocery store run, Shay did something extra sweet. I'd been moody, sad, emotional after the long day. I was positive all through the hike but my energy had been drained. On our way back from the store, we saw the sun set and we both saw it together without having to say a word. Eleven months and we still see the same things, I'm lucky, I'm truly lucky as can be. Then as I unpacked the groceries, Shay went out and washed my car. After such a long day, he stood there washing and scrubbing and vacuuming my car and it was the kindest most simple thing anyone has ever done for me. He knows how antsy I get when things aren't clean and we'd planned to do it mid day but ran out of time because of the morning. 

On May 1st Shay washed my car and he took care of making me happy. 

(*This product was sent to us to review but all opinions are purely and solely our own)

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