Paradise Falls Hike - Thousand Oaks, CA

To say this weekend was perfect would probably be an understatement. I feel like for the first time in months life is easy and happy and I look forward to every day again. Shay and I spent the weekend adventuring and laughing and cooking amazing food. Friday night we made that insane Ravioli Lasagna which we posted the recipe for in my last post. I'm still dreaming about all that cheese and really believe it was one of my favorite Friday Night treats. 

Chance and Skye moved out last Tuesday and with them a lot of the clutter in the house went too. Shay's mom and Rob spent Saturday listening to music and cleaning the house. Shay and I caught up on our workouts and went to the gym twice and helped clean up a little. Things are finally getting back in order and as we cleaned the backyard we decided on making a vegetable garden sometime later this week. Today or tomorrow we're going to go gather supplies to build a planter and by the end of the week hopefully we'll be planting and growing our very own food. The sunflowers we planted a while back have been growing beautifully and I'm so excited to see them bloom. Shay loves roses and so we're going to plan to grow some of those as well. Flowers and Veggies and Herbs. The garden is going to be beautiful and it'll be so fun going to the garden and grabbing fresh veggies and herbs for our salads and meals. Honestly though, even if nothing decides to grow purely spending time outside and planting seeds is such a fun experience that that alone makes it worth it for me. 

Sunday was my favorite. Shay really loves music and I love the passion he has when he tells me about certain bands or times. This weekend we listened to a lot of Elvis and 50's tunes. On Sunday we woke up at seven and the first thing we did was dance to Jailhouse Rock in bed together like two complete dorks. I can still feel the way I laughed and love remembering something so sweet. It was leg day so we decided to go for a morning hike. We drove to Thousand Oaks and parked my car and along with a ton of morning joggers, wandered to Paradise Falls

The birds were chirping and everything was green. We found the falls which were stunning and walked along the small creek. Ducks came and visited us and we explored and wandered and laughed. By the time we made it back to my car, an hour and a half passed by and we were sweaty and hungry. Shay made us pancakes and I photographed the cool little scene and then we laid in bed cuddling, full and warm. We ended up working out and spending the rest of the day together and this time Sunday night was not as hard as before. It's Monday and I'm happy. I'm excited for this week and this month and many more. So lucky life is sweet and simple again and I'm hoping everyone has a nice start to the work week. 

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