Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

On Sunday we made Pancakes and they were delicious. I'm not a big breakfast food person, I prefer meals and I'll be the weirdo eating a chicken sandwich at seven a.m. before I opt for eggs and toast. Whenever I do crave breakfast foods it's usually late at night and it's usually just cereal that I'm really wanting to eat. I used to go through boxes of cereal easily with tons of milk and sugary sweets. Shay and I always wander down the cereal isles in every grocery store and reminisce how we stuffed our faces as children with chocolately puffs and frosted flakes. Otherwise breakfast just isn't my cup of tea and most times what's good for breakfast isn't always good for me. As many of you know, we watch what we eat and there isn't really a day that goes by where I'm not reading the nutrition label on some kind of treat. Once you understand carbs and proteins and fats it's really hard to justify having so little food for half of your daily caloric intake.

Thankfully, there's neat little hacks and new products out there that cater to my dietary needs. In the fitness community something that everyone loves to eat are some good fluffy protein pancakes. Shay and I picked up a mix we found from Target called Birch Benders Protein Pancake Mix. For half a cup the macros were at 1.5 g of fat, 26g of carb, and 16g of protein. It's surprisingly hard to find protein and 16g worth was a nice morning treat. For some added flavor Shay added some Chocolate PB2 to the cakes which if you haven't heard of, it's a powdery peanut butter substitute that has far less fat but still tastes just as sweet. For two tablespoons you're only having 1g of fat, 6g of carbs, and 4g of protein. We weighed out two ounces of strawberries and blackberries and topped the cakes with some Walden Farms Zero Calorie Pancake Syrup and for only 268 calories I had amazing Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes. 

It's hard watching what you eat, trust me I know but if you can find ways to understand your food better and have fun cooking things up it gets a lot easier. Shay and I enjoy being in the kitchen. We dream about big beautiful counter tops and get a little too happy over new baking pots. It's geeky but it's also totally sweet. I was the chubby girl growing up so I know how to eat and he's the tattooed cutie who watched Food Network as a teen. We're kind of the perfect pair. So when we get new kitchen gadgets to try out and test we kind of end up having a total blast.

I know it sounds silly but we got a really cool speedy whisk. This company Kuhn Rikon sent us one to try out and review and at first we both were a little confused. Isn't a whisk just meant to be a whisk? Well this much was true, we had the perfect excuse to make pancakes because they need mixing and whisking and all that hullaballoo. Guys, it's kind of really really cool. The Speed Whisk has more wires than regular whisks which allows it to work faster and mix and it's light enough to really manipulate the mix. If you're not a foodie you might not understand but this bad boy made our pancakes so fluffy and we're geeking out trying to find other recipes to whisk. Shay gave it a thumbs up and he's the chef here so if you or someone you know likes cooking gear we really recommend you test out this little speedy guy. Best part is that he's not even pricey and he works faster and better than any of our other similar gear. I'd recommend it and so would Shay. 

All in all, our Pancakes were delicious and our Sunday was super sweet. I'm just so happy we have such similar interests and that we truly enjoy everything we make. Now I'm just sitting at work reminiscing of those gooey chocolate peanut butter cakes. 
(* This product was sent to us to review but all opinions are purely and solely our own)

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