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It's not Friday. It's very much Thursday and Thursdays aren't so bad because they're almost Fridays. I forgot my SD card and wasn't able to edit any of the photos I wanted to post today so rather than not putting up anything, we're going to pretend it's Friday. You all know how much this blog means to me. It's literally been with me through it all. I started writing here when I started Uni in college at eighteen and since it's become one of my favorite corners of the world. I'm sharing my corner now with my best friend, Shay and with that low-key comes a lot of pressure and anxiety. We're both incredibly ambitious people and neither of us half-ass anything. I refuse to put out content or photos that I'm simply not proud of and lately that's been an internal struggle of mine. This blog is growing and I want to grow with it but it's just a little scary and intimidating sometimes. Thankfully Shay understands my crazy and knows how weird I get about my photos being off. Just know I really do try and care and am hoping you all see how much you and this blog mean to me. 

Tomorrow we're enjoying some Friday cuisines. Shay and I have two mouth watering recipes we're going to try out and I'm so incredibly excited to feast. Saturday we have an incredible business adventure to go on together and then the rest of the weekend is just for him and me. I'll probably have something up again tomorrow but in case I don't I hope everyone had an easy going week and enjoys their weekend retreats. Here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

Clearly we've been into cooking and clearly that's given me an excuse to obsess over pretty plates and silverware. This set from Anthro would make my life complete. 

So I was on this new kick this week where I drank a Monster Energy Drink everyday before the gym. I started getting horrifying headaches and my anxiety was so bad. I found this article that talks about energy drinks and if they're an athlete's Friend or Foe. Totally interesting and a must read. 

We invested in a tripod last week and he's my new best friend. I got this one off Amazon and this matching head. If you're considering one, go for it. It's not going to be something you'll regret. 

I really want to give this recipe a go. 

This instagram takes some killer shots. Also follow them and them

If you're in California like me, here are beautiful California Flower Fields You Must Visit This Spring.

I don't celebrate 4/20 but ironically Shay and I have been binge watching Weeds.

And because I've been feeling particularly insecure, The 17 Most Offensive Things People Say To Someone With Small Boobs.

But thankfully having small boobs doesn't make me from wanting these and these.


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