Handcrafted Leather Wallets By JooJoobs

I've been wanting to post photos from the train tracks for ages now but every time we go the lighting is never quite right. On Thursday when I got off work, Shay and I found a package from this amazing leather company who had sent us a wallet to photograph and review for them. I needed some extra steps and the sun was setting just right so we decided to hop in my car and go off to the train tracks.  I'm always looking to take my camera with me now-a-days and learn to experience different styles of photography. We're starting to work with some cool brands lately and I get to build my portfolio to start including product and fashion photography. 

One of my favourite marketplaces to find unique and inspiring companies and people is Etsy. It's filled with hard working entrepreneurs who are regular people trying to grow and build. I don't personally care to pick and choose branding opportunities because blogging isn't about that for me but when I'm able to work with companies that are handmade and self grown, I'm always impressed and dedicated to the little guys as opposed to the big corporations. 
JooJoobs is an Etsy shop that sells handmade personalised leather wallets which are beautifully crafted and are perfect gifts for any man in your life. The wallets are very modernised with a typical chain wallet style that has a rustic edge and are durable and nicely made. You could really tell that the owners take pride in their craftsmanship and their store offers tons of options so that you're bound to find the right style and fit any type of guy. I'm always stuck on buying gifts for men because they seem to always have everything they truly need - a nice leather wallet, however, is always something they'll enjoy and having one personalised and handcrafted just for them would add that extra memorable touch. You can even have their name stitched on just for them! Shay really likes his and has been carrying it ever since we received the package. We're even thinking of picking one up for Rob. 

I love seeing small businesses grow on Etsy especially when they produce quality products for affordable prices. Be sure to check out JooJoobs next time you're looking for a gift because gift shopping isn't always easy and good products can be hard to find. We really recommend them and were able to talk to Bibi, the owner ourselves and work together to develop this little post. When you're able to really communicate and be listened to by a brand, that's always a huge plus in my book. Go check them out even just to have a little look. 
(*This product was sent to us for review but all opinions are purely and solely our own)

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