Ten Months

Tomorrow is Ten Months with someone I met as a stranger. When we first met I figured we'd be strangers forever, I didn't think I'd see him twice. I didn't know that the guy slouched in his hoodie sitting in a coffeeshop halfway in between our two worlds was going to become someone I'd always remember and never forget. He doesn't say much, he's actions rather than words but it's the little things like making plans two months from now or noticing my eye color when I try a new shade that day. It's the little lucky things where we're best friends and he's someone I adore, where we help one another progress and trust that another human being is looking out for only you and only wants what's best. Ten Months meant something different three months before. Ten months is just time and we're growing together. Lots of new exciting changes are coming and we're going to start new adventures and share new posts. He's a part of my team and we fit together perfectly. He knows my rough edges and I know his soft core. 

Ten Months of Appreciation. 


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