Friday LinkUp 1.0

A few months back I did a little Friday Favorites Link Up which had items and posts linked for ya'll to see that caught my eye the past week. I didn't love having so much content and photographs from outside sources on my blog however, so I stopped doing those for quite some time. I'm weird about enjoying my blog photography to be only mine. I put a lot of work into editing and shooting things for my blog and really take pride in being able to display my work here. However, I do want you guys to get a sense of some cool shops and sites I've been digging too so let's try it out this way for now and we'll see how it goes. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and don't forget to make some memories. 

I really want to get a polaroid camera for summer, this one looks super neat. 

Want to read all the books on this list, starting with this one. 

Sephora's having an annual sale and I need to stock up on some favorites like this, this, and definitely this

Obsessed with this guy's instagram feed. 

GOALS. Pre-sale Tickets go on sale April 13th, who wants to go with me? 

How cute is this belt? Been on my wishlist for a good three months now. 

Shay and I are going to go see these guys perform Monday night, amazing sound. 

On my to do list, make Shay bake me these and these

And panties


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