Date Night Do's - Nacho Night

On Friday night we made nachos and it was deliciously incredible. The other day Shay and I were talking and I was telling him how much I enjoyed our Friday Nights and how much time he puts into our little dates and he said that for him, every night is date night. Sometimes when you're with someone so often you forget how special every moment is, big or small. 

For Nacho Night some things that we used are Fresh Chips, Nacho Cheese, Shredded Melting Cheese, Olives, JalapeƱos, and Beans. We also made some crock pot chicken that we later shredded and a salsa and guacamole blend. Shay makes the most incredible Guacamole. Oh! And don't forget the best part, nachos are best with a side of sour cream. 

Definitely not the healthiest meal but easy to make and fun to build up together. Shay's amazing in the kitchen and I love watching him chop veggies like he's on the Food Network. He likes to be patient as I slowly slice things and manage not to chop off my thumb. Cooking together is one of our favorite things and it's simple, romantic and we get to do it over easy conversations and gathered memories. 

We both went in for a second helping or three and the weekend started off cozy and tasty. 

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