Rainy Record Store Days

This weekend was a little crazy and in California it rained. I think it's so funny how the rain decides to pour whenever life decides to as well. It always happened that way in the movies, some big scene would end with a character looking out at the rain while dramatic music played. Well, we didn't have dramatic music but we had the itch to get out of the house and away from the chaos so Shay and I drove to Ventura on Sunday. 

We went to two different record stores that day, Jockamo Records and Grady's Record Refuge. First things first, if you're going to Ventura and have any time at all, go to Salzer's - they're the biggest best record store in Ventura County and you'll most likely find whatever you're looking for there. If you're like Shay and I and are looking to go hunting then check out the local smaller stores. Often used vinyl sells for pretty cheap and the original album covers and sleeve are weathered with age. I much prefer those elements over the newly pressed re-releases. Shay ended up finding two gems from Grady's - A Led Zeppelin album for only four bucks and another from from the Allman Brothers Band for only ten. They were complete steals and still in great condition. He was pretty jazzed about the whole experience. 

If you're looking for a hipster scene and an open smaller atmosphere Jockamo will be more up your alley. It's sat on the corner right in downtown and it's bright and clean. Grady's is more traditional, it's cluttered with posters and tape. It's bigger and they have great deals. At Grady's you're going to have to go looking for something to find rather than have a set item you're wanting to buy. Both were different and the same in their own way but it was a nice way to spend a rainy day.
In the car ride back Shay educated me on music - The Almond Brothers and all that ;) and then it was Sunday night. A lot went down these past four days and just to kind of wrap things up without spilling anything personal, Skye and Chance are moving away. Everyone's a little caught up by it but living together wasn't what they'd really thought it'd be. Them leaving means the dogs are leaving and that means saying goodbye to precious baby Kai. We were excited to get her and knew she was going to be mainly there's but that doesn't make saying goodbye any easier. Shay didn't get too attached because he knew it was going to have to end like this but I know he'll always feel her in his bones.

Last night was Monday and we went to the Troubadour to see a show. Shay was able to watch some of his favorite bands play and I was happy knowing for those few hours he was ok. The rain stopped and cleared up but life didn't stop pouring. We drove home and today Skye and Chance leave. I think by the time I'm off work they'll have already left and the house will be empty again. 

Weird how life changes, how weather turns into storms. It's going to be different getting into a new routine but hopefully everything will work itself out and this is for the best. 

Hoping for clearer skies and less rain. 

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