Last Summer And The Beach

I work an office job, a regular nine to five every day. I work for an attorney and very rarely leave my four corners and see anyone or anything else in between. I prefer it that way, I like having my corners. It also gives me time to daydream and I dream of adventures and moments and trips I want to take. Something I did often last year was spend summer nights at the beach. Shay and I went often, it was closer to where I lived then and we didn't have a home to enjoy each other in. 

We're very dedicated to our fitness routines now and a lot of our lives revolve around timely meals and rushing places. We're always in a rush. It's Americans, I believe. When I lived in Europe I just remember how slow life was and how much easier it was to spend minutes going places. Here, my best friend is the clock and I watch hours tick by calculating every minute of my day. I found some pictures from the beach and miss the way the long drives didn't make me so tired. We find moments closer to home now-a-days but it's always nice to reminisce and remember last summer and the beach. To remember that losing an hour or two of sleep is worth it sometimes when you have smiles to remember and keep. 

I want to make more time to forget about time. Make the best out of prolonged hours and realize that the short fragile minutes are worth it in the end. I think it's something we all need to consider, right now, this moment. We're constantly worrying about losing time that we're wasting it spending it counting down clock ticks. When you accept the hours on a clock are always going to be the same, time is in your control now and you're who's choosing how each second ends.

Fragile Seconds shouldn't be lost to worrisome hours. Stop worrying and let yourself live.

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