Swinging Into Spring

April is starting off to be a stressful month. This past weekend I went to a party. Shay's mom, Sam threw Rob a birthday party for his fiftieth birthday and we were all invited. I've never gone to a party with a guy before. I'd never been introduced to people as half of a hole and though my anxiety had me frozen in place most of the night it was nice having a safe spot and a warm hand to hold. Sam spoke of the way I giggled and we made silly t-shirts, there was a nacho bar and it was a late night. We left early and ate dessert together, happy and safe. 

Things got a little bit more hectic the following morning when the headaches of a party with booze sunk in. Shay and I were sober as always but our housemates said some drunken slurs. With tension in the house, we decided to get some fresh air and went out for another Sunday afternoon hike. This time we hiked WhiteFace, a white steep peek above the dog park in Simi Valley where three or four lone trees sit amongst a garden of grass. 

After a steep climb and a few encounters with friendly lizards, we made it to the peak and found fields of yellow. Tiny little blooms gathered in long strides and lined the sea green grass. Spring is my favorite time of year and seeing California in bloom is something rare and unique. We looked out from the top to an incredible view and then found our place where many others had before at a big vast tree that sat still with a small handmade swing. 

My germaphobe of a boyfriend sat but tried not to touch and swung as we talked about our lives, our days and our yesterday. The green grass left room for roots and the tree provided shade. The weather was warm but not sticky and spring carried growth and new beginnings. Shay's going through a bit with work at the moment and it's my turn to be his rock so as we go into the month with stress weighing us down it's nice to look back at simple Sundays like this one. 

Tight rope holding a single wood board, simple but strong. 

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