The Wedding At Ebell

This past weekend I shot a wedding and clearly I was a bit enchanted with how creepy cool the venue just so happened to be. The ceremony and reception took place at the Ebell of Los Angeles which has history going back to 1894. The moment I saw the tall windows and paint cracked walls I found myself focusing my camera on more than just the bride and groom. The patterns and aesthetic of this place were incredible, deep dark reds and harsh coarse browns decorated the halls. Dirty whites and victorian blacks rimmed the ceilings and stairways cast drops of light in the eeriest ways. 

At one point, Kat and I snuck upstairs to scope out a few spots and found an old abandoned theater with rows upon rows of dark wood chairs. Directly outside the theater were left these massive thrones that were lined up facing a bright open window. I kept wishing Shay was there to explore with me more because as ya'll know we're both weirdos who love haunted abandoned finds. This venue was an awesome location and the wedding was a huge success. The bride's white lace and pale skin made some awesome photos and everyone seemed to have a great time. Working on Saturdays isn't all that bad when your job takes you to such picturesque finds. 


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