Planting Seeds

The weekend was short but filled with activities. Rob is Shay's mom's boyfriend and he is one of a kind. He's this jolly tall man with an awesome southern accent who works construction and plays bass in a rock and roll band. He tosses around words like sweetheart and dear and you can always hear him singing to himself while he's cooking or drinking beer. His birthday was Saturday but for our Friday night dessert, we decided to bake him his favorite sweet surprise - our rendition of Boston Cream Pies. In sticky muffin tins we made yellow warm cake. We sliced them in half and filled each with sweet cream filling. To finish them off we topped the little pies with a chocolate drizzle, powdered sugar and little chocolate chips. Rob devoured his two big cupcakes and we ate our fair share with ice cream on the side. A warm birthday hug and a little too much cake left us sleepy and with a slight belly ache. 

On Saturday I had a wedding shoot that had me lost in traffic most of my day. The wedding was held at a really unique venue in Hollywood which was lined with old, vintage patterns and dark theater halls. The Ebell of Los Angeles has been around since 1894 and most of it's original walls still form its present day state. It's haunted hallways and dark high windows were totally my vibe. My lens was focused on the bride and groom but my heart was lost appreciating the eery old walls. 

Sunday was Easter and my only weekend day left to relax and unwind. Shay and I went for a long sunny hike midday and then found ourselves lost in his garden enjoying spring. My grandmother from Austria had sent my mum and I some gardening seeds and with a little dirt and some shovels, Shay and I planted a few pots worth of anxious little pebbles waiting to spring with some water and a bit of light. He humored me as I took photos and was gentle with his planting care. 

There's something special about a man willing to grow you flowers. 

It's one thing to buy a woman a bouquet she can enjoy and oggle for a few days, it's another to be willing to wait with her, plant, water and care with her until your own seeds decide to sprout, blossom and grow.

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