Into The Wild

On Saturday night we had the house to ourselves since Shay's mom and Rob are in Mexico. We huddled up on the couch and ordered a movie to watch and just enjoyed our evening. We ended up watching Shay's favourite movie, Into The Wild and though I'd walked past the book title many times before, I'd never read the book or seen the movie myself. It's one of those movies everyone should probably watch at least once in their lives. It was good, the kind of good where you remember specific images and your day to day life makes you start to think. It's about adventure and life and adolescence and growth. A lot of it is narrated with what I assume are the words from the book and the well spoken analogies and beautiful literary references make the book nerd in me need to go pick it up really soon. 

We were quite busy this weekend but still managed to find some time outside. We drove to the valley and picked up my little man and together all three of us went hiking and got lost for an hour or two. Literally though, we got lost and Shay ended up finding his way down a mountainside while I was stuck up top searching for him. It was quite eventful, to say the least but whenever I get to have my two favourite guys in one place I'm always happiest. It's almost Sunday night and we still have to go to the gym but this weekend was nice and I'm ready for the working week to begin again. 

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