The Struggle With Social Networking

I really like blogging. I'm a big fan of seeing other people's work and reading other people's content. I, like many of you, grew up with social media. Posting about my life on the internet has always been easier for me to do than talking to anyone in real life. Reaching out and finding people to like my content on the other hand was never something I did naturally. It comes with the territory, to be a good blogger you should be a social blogger. I get it, I really do but personally, it's just a hard thing for me to do. I see people's comments and I've fallen into the trap of doing it too, most people know the trick of leaving a comment and having someone somehow follow back to your own blog through the comment loop. I follow some amazing writers, some amazing photographers and some just brilliant content providers but most of those are already doing the social loop. When I truly read a post and enjoy someone's work or have found myself befriending a person through their site or through their words, I comment, praise, and truly admire. 

Nowadays everyone is looking to be liked or favorited or approved. It's sad what the blogging community has come to. In one sense we are gifted with incredible creative freedom where being artistic and producing content has become something highly gratifying and successful but on the other hand the normality of unoriginality is so real that with the degree of freedom we're all choosing to be one generalized way. I blog because I love it and because it's something for myself. I love that there's people who follow me and actually follow along with my journeys but I would continue doing it even if I knew no one was reading, which many times I'm sure is the fact. I know it's important to be liked on the internet but I just wanted to put the quick word out there that even though it seems like that could be the greatest thing for you because it is for so many others, know that happiness doesn't have to originate from these online sources. This can just be a hobby, a niche, something to go to every once in a while when you need a space for your thoughts. Not everyone is going to become famous. Not everyone is going to be the next big thing. But everyone can make their blog their home and it can be just as rewarding without the followers and the likes and the comments. 

I know I'm saying something many have before but I just think sometimes we need a reminder that its important to love what you do but it's still ok to love doing it without needing others to love it too. 

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