Hike To The Cross

There's this lovely cross that sits at the top of Simi Valley and overlooks the whole city. I'm a big nature buff and I honestly have hundreds upon hundreds of photos on my computer of mountain ranges I've come across. Most of them are even the same ranges but with different lights and at different times of day. Something I appreciate every single day is watching the sun rise or set over my little world. It's a simple truth I enjoy. I drive the same roads every day and still stop and stare at the beauty of being so tiny in such a mass of land. 

I usually don't post my mountain photos because honestly I don't ever think anyone will be too thrilled to see a bunch of hills but this sight was one worth sharing. Shay and I have done this hike three or four times already and every time it's still beautiful. I'm often thinking about traveling and seeing new sights and really envy tons of travelers on social platforms that share a variety of views which causes me to sometimes forget how fortunate I am for the sights I get to see. Simi Valley is my new home. It's a suburban city in the pit of a valley of hills but it's beautiful. It's green and brown and rugged but land and air and beauty all in one. I treasure being able to go for hikes and still seeing beauty and even if my mountain peaks are always the same that doesn't ever make them any more or less beautiful. 

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