Our Cabin In The Woods

So I turned twenty-one last month on February twenty-fourth and one thing I really wanted to do for my birthday was go to Yosemite National Park. The park was something I'd never actually dreamed of being able to see but when Shay and I started looking into places to stay we found out his brother's wife, Skye had grandparents that owned a cabin about a half an hour away from the park. The odds were unimaginable and when Skye and Chance offered to go up there with us and stay for a weekend the plan was set and I was ecstatic to go. 

Skye and Chance left for Yosemite Thursday night and Shay and I followed in my little yellow bug the following day after work. We hit the roads around one and after four and a half hours somehow made it to a different world. This weekend was probably one of the most beautiful moments of my life and I was gifted the chance to see absolutely incredible sights. I have a whole other post coming with photos from Bass Lake which is the Lake near the cabin we stayed at and Yosemite itself. The weather for some people probably wasn't ideal, it was raining nonstop and snow still covered some of the ground but for a photographer - it was paradise. The fog literally danced through the mountains and I was in heaven. 

More on that later but for now let me tell ya'll about our little cabin stay. The cabin is located near Bass Lake about an hour out from Fresno and a half an hour from the Yosemite gates. It's tucked away in between trees and when we arrived and the sun had just set we were greeted by Skye's grandparents and the fresh smell of wood. I can honestly say I have never met nicer people before in my life. These two were adorably cliche grandparents that hugged and laughed and forgot things like their purse or their coat. They left us with fresh fruit and hugged each of us hello and goodbye and their home was so comfortable and lovely it was truly amazing. 

Shay and I shared a bedroom down bellow and Skye and Chance had a room to themselves on the second floor. We sat and watched the rain and enjoyed meals on the patio and even went for a late night walk. The air was so fresh and crisp from the rain, it was a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of our city lives. Each room was decorated with little trinkets and the home had character. It was easy to be comfortable and a beautiful place to stay. 

As we were in the middle of the woods we were often greeted by friends, dear grazed on the lawns and we even had to make way for packs of wild turkey. On Saturday after our trip Shay and I pulled up right next to a group of deer who just watched us as I snapped photos. Then as we got back to the cabin there was a whole group roaming our yards. With camera in hand I crawled up behind them and managed to picture them through my lens. They're beautiful and at peace and really just lived freely. Far bigger than I'd thought of them to be and incredible that we got to see them. 

Our stay ended Sunday morning with a short three and a half hour drive back. The rain poured through the nights letting us drift into heavy sleep and although we are back to our nine to fives the weekend of serenity left us feeling at ease. It was a wonderful weekend and the loveliest of places. 

A beautiful memory to take home. 

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