Friday Night Bananas

On Friday, Shay and I went on a date and spoke about our days. We talked during food and shared smiles and carbs. This weekend was one for relaxing. Last weekend at Yosemite was incredible but spending so much time in tight corners and fast lanes is one of the things I tend to hate about travel. Arriving and experiencing is one thing but getting there is another. 

We spent the weekend mostly in bed, watching netflix shows and stealing kisses in between yawns. It's been rainy and foggy and perfect for lying around and tangling together. The way our hands meet each other when we're laying in bed is my favorite sensation, tight fingertips and warm brushes. 

We made chocolate covered bananas for our dessert and crumbled ungodly amounts of cookies, candies, and bars. My impatient self didn't like waiting long enough for the bananas to freeze so the experience was rather messy but it filled our stomaches with sweets and gave us energy for our weekend workouts. 

It's Monday and it's gray. The weekend is over and life is busy as always. I'm left reminiscing about those fingertip and how I miss the way they feel pressed into mine. He's special because when he talks I listen and when he listens I talk. In a world where not many listen and most talk just to be heard I'm left washing away memories with the day as I watch the clock for when I get to leave my responsibilities and go back to our bed with him to lay. 

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