The Record Outlet - Thousand Oaks, CA

One of the perks of buying your boyfriend a record player for Christmas is finally having an excuse to go to random awesome record stores. I'm weird when it comes to music. I can appreciate just about anything with good words. I've always been more devoted to a song because of what is being sung rather than the melody that it's being played to. 

Shay, on the other hand, he's a musician. I know, I know. When I first met him all my red flags went up. On paper he literally comes off as the boy your mama warns you about. He's a musician with tattoos and big arms and before I really knew him I just figured he was one of those bad boy types that's just out to break my heart. I got lucky though. I fell for the musician who's more talented than he knows; who spends his days building a business with his hands and cares about every note in every song; he's special and I'm lucky. He's always wanted a vinyl collection so I was really happy to be able to get him something he'll actually use and love for the holidays. 

On Sunday, we went to this neat little shop called The Record Outlet in Thousand Oaks and as Shay searched for new additions, I was able to take some photos and admire the place behind my lens. 

The layout of this place was just so incredibly rad. As many of you know I recently moved into my own place so everywhere I go I'm looking for decor inspiration, the walls were covered in funky band posters and stickers and through the scattered mess, the shops personality was true and cool. Shay found an old vintage record and I found some neat shots and our year of adventures finally came to a start. 

If you're ever in Thousand Oaks, happen by the Record Outlet, it caters to music for everyone's style; there's old vinyl, new vinyl, classical music and kid tunes. There's rock, rap, jazz, and everything in between. Honestly I was baffled by how many different genres were squished into this tiny room. The guy who was working there knew everything about everyone and was super laid back and friendly and even though some record stores nowadays cater to only hipsters and cool kids, this one is just a small little abyss for music lovers to come and explore. They buy, sell, trade, and special order music and I'm certain if you're into good tunes, you can get lost here for a few hours and find something you'll enjoy. 


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