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When Shay and I first met I used to take photos of everything. I wanted to document every moment and every memory because I wasn't sure how long I would have this special person in my life and I wanted to capture and remember every second of it. Life caught up to us and the winter season came and I stopped bringing my camera around because it became more about getting the good shot than experiencing the adventure. I'd spend hours trying to edit photos to tell the story I wanted to tell and wouldn't end up hitting publish because the image quality wasn't top notch. It's so easy to get wrapped up in constantly comparing your work to everyone else's and I just got sick of even trying.

I stopped taking photos and I stopped writing posts.

Well. This is us. This is me and Shay and this is my happiness. Today is seven months since this lovely human being and I met and this is our real time shitty iPhone quality happiness. I rarely post any photos of myself on my blog and that's something I want to try and work on this year but for now, this is a happy post to start off the new year. 

On January 7th we wore face masks and laughed until our lungs hurt. He leaves me love letters to wake up to and being alone in bed doesn't feel right anymore. 

I look at Shay the way I look at the moon. 

Today is January 8th and seven months ago I had no idea that I would be meeting someone who would change my life forever. No matter where life takes us both, the past seven months of memories is something I can never forget. That happiness and those emotions are too real to forget. 

It's the first Friday in January and it's date night. We're going to go to our favorite restaurant after work and then Shay is taking me to see Star Wars. I still smile every time we slide into the booth at Don Cuco's, I laugh when he asks me if I want a bite of his salad every time, I save a bite of my meal for him to try at the end and over chips and salsa and all the noises of the room I find myself falling deeper and deeper for the man with all the tattoos.  

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