Friday Favorites #1

Still Furniture Hunting and forever lusting over this vanity.
I love the look of these Horoscope Wallprints. Actually basically all of Blackandthemoon's prints are awesome.

I have a sick addiction to house plants and anything that'll hang them up for me. This Brass Planter is far too stunning.
(Via: HandMadeSamMade)

I also really love the simplicity of these handmade shelves from GoodOleWood, the craftsmanship is stunning. The owner also does these with Redwood Bark which looks so incredibly rad.

(Via: GoodOleWood)

Ever since I moved out I finally get to enjoy the wonders of bath salts and candles. LaedaCo has some absolutely amazing products I've been eyeing. Their products have essential healing oils that focus on evoking inner strength and centeredness. 
They even make lip balms!
(Via: LaedaCo)

Speaking of amazing scents, this soap from ViceAndVelvet has orange, patchouli, black pepper, sandalwood, vanilla and cocoa. I know what's going on my Christmas Wish List!

This company makes beautiful leather personalized camera straps. They also do monogram personalization. 
(Via: Viveo)

I've also been lusting over basically all furniture sold by Made for Each Other by weareMFEO. They're a Los Angeles based husband and wife design team who make some incredible crafted furniture. I especially like this industrial cabinet and this bed frame. 

I also fell in love with Liz Morrow's photography and her blog Delightfully Tacky this week. Definitely inspiring work! She even inspired me to attempt to take some self portraits this weekend for the blog with my DSLR. Her posts on shooting self portraits are so helpful. Find them here and here

Two Channels I've been loving are ChelseaLifts and Jazmine Garcia. They're both inspiring fit chicks who also do personal training.

I'm going to start doing more of these link love posts and would really love to hear about what shops you guys like to explore. Do any of you have favorite stores on etsy? Have you read any interesting articles this week? What fitness channels or blogs are you following? 

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