December Goals

I'm someone who really likes to make lists. In my head there is constantly a list of things I want to do, or change, or improve on. All these lists somehow add up to my goals and my goals are meant to follow me down this path and that path is somehow going to lead me to utter happiness sometime in the distant future. Well a lot of my adolescence and early adult life has been focused on some pretty specific goals : I wanted to lose weight and have a body I could be proud of. I wanted to own a car that I could love. I wanted to be able to afford a home of my own. I wanted to make good money at a job that I enjoy. I wanted to find someone to share my days with and I wanted to have good relations with friends and family that matter. 

Not to sound ungrateful or the least bit obnoxious but somehow this past year, I was actually able to check off all of those rather significant life goals. When I set them honestly, they were all very irrational and always seemed so far off in the future that even considering them to be real was a silly joke. But now I'm watching the year draw to a close and I'm realising I need to figure out, what's next? What is it that I want to do with my life now and what are some personal goals I want to set for myself?

Fitness & Nutrition
Obviously fitness is something that I will be forever working towards and my goals are forever changing. Shay is an incredibly positive influence and is super supportive and knowledgeable when it comes to anything fitness or nutrition. I am working towards a leaner body build and have been really dedicated to my macro counting and time spent in the gym. With the extra time now, I may just begin concentrating more on obtaining those goals quicker.

Photography was something I began to really look into this year and when I was doing it and interning with Valorie every weekend, I really was genuinely happy. The only scary thing is that it's such an unknown realm for me. I want to constantly improve but finding the time or confidence in fully investing myself is something I've had trouble with. I really want to work on my website and improve on my photographic techniques. I still really love it, I just have a lot of room for improvement.

Blogging kind of ties right into photography for me. If I don't have a good photo to post, I don't want to publish anything. I really love posting my personal stories on here but I'm constantly torn between having a personal online journal or blogging more about what readers actually want to see. I think one of my goals is to definitely be more consistent with my posts and to try to develop and grow the blog some more. This year has seen some incredible growth with amazing readers and looking back at all my shared stories, I don't regret posting any of them. I have this blog to remember my moments and memories and to chit chit about life. I like being able to look back at the year and smile at all that has happened on my site. I just want to focus on doing so more often. 

For so long school was something I knew I wanted to do. I didn't just want to go to school, I felt like I needed to to accomplish something with my life. Things have really changed since then, I'm sitting about contemplating what I'd even go to school for most days and the idea of spending loads of money on things I can learn and teach myself seems a bit oblique. I'm not certain school is something I want to do anymore however, it may be something I should give more thought to in the next year.  That or deciding on something to focus on that can guide me career-wise. 

Adventuring out of my Comfort Zone
I really feel like I need to take the time to stop and think about what I truly like to do, what makes me passionate and what I want to work towards. Shay and I have been considering starting a youtube channel focused on fitness and nutrition, that's an idea I may begin to really look into. I'm stuck at not really knowing what interests me anymore. I like change and I like having something new to improve on. I just need to find a new path to follow. I'm thinking of drawing up a list or trying some new things to kind of seek out a new passion. Writing has always interested me or maybe developing a brand. I'm not entirely sure but I feel the need to branch out and step out of my comfort zone. 

Life certainly is strange but it's refreshing having the power to choose what I want to do and feeling capable and able to achieve anything I set my mind to. I'm not all too certain what this next year is going to bring but Christmas is around the corner and then it's a New Year, a new change for opportunities and a new start to set some goals and work towards a better future. 

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