We Got A Tree

This weekend Shay and I decided to go buy a tree for my new apartment. It's the first year I'm living on my own for the holidays and also the first year I'm happily with someone I actually want to share the holidays with. At first we planned on going to a tree lot and cutting down our own tree, the idea seemed neat and fun but when we got to the tree lot and saw the prices and the funky looking trees we opted to go pick one out from a normal lot next to a department store. I absolutely love the smell of pine and since we had room to buy a decent sized tree, we ventured through the rows until we found one that fit. 

We ended up buying Francis - our little Christmas tree and as Shay carried the tree back to his truck, I couldn't stop smiling at how happy and genuine that little moment was. We bought a tree together. 

Dating someone when you're older is so very different from the silly crushes and flings you have as a kid. The older you are the more memories and moments you have to remember and to look back on, often with the same people and often not. Last Christmas I spent the holiday with Dilshika's family. I was seeing someone at the time but he wasn't very into the holiday cheer and we didn't even end up getting each other presents. I sent him and his family treats but there was not much we really shared together. Last year, Shay was living with his ex girlfriend and they spent the holidays together. That's a bit hard to digest purely because he was miserable all of last year's December. It's a new year and we're both making new memories with different people but the ghost of Christmas past still lingers with both of us.

It was so nice to just see him happy. See him smile because I smiled and see that a guy can really care about something silly like buying a tree. We went off to Target and bought decorations, color coordinated gold, silver and black and we made the decisions together. Our relationship is never one sided, that's my favourite part. We both tend to enjoy the moments together, which is so important. The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying our lit up tree, smiling, laughing and cooking amazing meals. It was our first weekend in the new place and it was the first mornings we were able to wake up and enjoy breakfast together. It's been six months and he still has me smiling. We can talk like we're best friends for hours. We have tickle fights before bed and we both get utterly involved with our late night movies. He likes food and cuddling and I just really really like him. This weekend was bliss and for once, I'm really looking forward to a Christmas spent not on my own. 


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