November Stroll

I was able to get the afternoon off of work and after enjoying my first mid-day nap in my new apartment, I decided it was time to go adventure. When I first came to look at my place we passed a large golf course that also housed a duck pond and ever since I've been wanting to go take a peek and enjoy the fall air. Winter is finally hear and November is drawing to a close. 

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I spent it away from my home. In the morning I spent a few hours at work enjoying the company of my boss and getting some work done. Around noon, I went to pick up Sparcky and we drove down the street to Dilshika's house. We spent last Thanksgiving together as well and this year was sincerely lovely cooking and laughing in her home with her family that I love. After far too much food, I drove Sparcky to his home and made my way back to my own. I haven't really discussed it much but Sparcky won't be living with me in the new place. He doesn't have anyone to watch him all day long and separating him from the other dogs at my family home just isn't fair or right, so despite my sunken heart I'm still spending nights without him. I pick him up every day during my lunch hour and take him for walks and even though it stings my heart, I know it's what's best and what's right for him. 

Shay came over when I was finally home and we spent our evening talking and laughing together. It was a surprisingly beautiful experience, the whole holiday and it'll be a memory to look back on next year when Thanksgiving comes. It's Friday night and I'm alone on my bed. I bought another house plant and am trying to make my new space a little more me. With time it'll feel more right and seem more full but for now I'm laying listening to the notes type out on my screen and it's quiet and I feel grown. 

It's Friday in November and I'm in my own home.

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