Moving to Our New Home

On November 13th I found our new home.
On November 14th I received the text that we've been approved.
On November 16th I dropped off my deposit.
And On November 22nd I will officially be moving into my first real place.

Last night Shay and I went to measure the corners of my new four walls. We smiled and talked and when everything was set and assured, he hugged me and it was the warmest embrace I'd ever felt. I found a home. It's a guest house on a property with a kitchen and a bathroom, a large closet and space. It's about fifteen minutes from work, ten minutes from my boyfriend, and three minutes from a store. There's a duck pond with a park nearby and a place to park my new yellow small car. There's a lock and a key and it's a place just for Sparcky and me.

Tonight I'm introducing Sparcky to Shay's dogs so that he'll make friends and then the rest of the week will be spent packing boxes and writing lists. I have things that I need : a mattress, a bed, toilet paper, curtains and bread. I have things that I want : a desk, a pastel spoon, soft linen sheets, a bassoon. I have grocery lists and toilettry needs and an anxious feeling in my tummy. I am moving into a home and I'll have a place to celebrate my first real Christmas, a place to cook a  Thanksgiving meal in my very own kitchen, a New Years wish in my four corners, I have a place to live and go and cry and laugh and be alive and it's so surreal and scary and crazy and I'm not really sure if it's all too soon or if I'm ready but it's happening and it's real and I'm so happy and alive.

I bought a home, or rented one for now and that's significant.

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