Five Things About Growing Up

1. Having your car break down is not fun.  Last week on Wednesday night my car decided to finally give up on me in the middle of the street about an hour and a half away from home. A police man and five other guys had to come help me push my car into a random lot. Shay came to pick me up and we emptied my car out while remembering all of the memories shared in those front seats. My first car.

2. Buying a new car, suddenly, sucks just as bad. I am definitely not a person who knows a lot about cars, I know that if I turn them on they're meant to take me from point A to point B and every once in a while I'm meant to fill them up so they keep running. Low mileage and cheaper gas, that's all I was looking for. After two days of restless craigslist scrolling, I payed a good chunk to buy John Lemon - he's a yellow volkswagon beetle and yes, he has a convertible top.

3. Being a grown up is really not too fun.  The same week my car breaks down I find out I have to find a place to live by the end of the month. Looking to be homeless by Thanksgiving, yippee. Sparcky and I are looking for roomates or just a place of our own, scary thing is being alone.

4. Working out is not a priority when your life isn't jazzed. I've been lazy and mopey and going to the gym just has not been what I want to be doing. Long naps and carbs are where my life seems to be at right now.

5. Falling in love while falling apart. Shay made memories with me in my new car on Friday. We went to the place we first met five months ago and kissed on the bench we sat far apart on. We went to museums and the zoo and last night he hugged me when I was feeling low. I'm not good for him but I love who he is to me. He's my best friend and I'm selfish.

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