Moving In & Making A Home

So yesterday was the big day. The week spent anxiously pinning everything home decor on Pinterest quickly faded when I moved my boxes and realised I owned exactly three boxes full of things, two of which were clothing. Moving out when you're twenty is so interesting. I'm living alone so it's just me and my things now. You don't really have time to contemplate the decor when you realise you don't own silverware. The last four days were spent browsing Target for simple life necessities such as curtains and hand towels. To paint you a better picture : I didn't even own a bed. 

I now have pots and pans and a microwave. I have a loofa, a shower curtain, and hooks.  I'm really excited to finally have a place to take photographs and decorate. The list of things I still need and want is going to be forever endless but one day I'll have enough boxes to fill up a home. Dilshika and Shay helped me move in. Shay did the lifting and Dilshika helped with decorating and when it finally came time to sit down, I was able to cook myself a meal in my own kitchen and enjoy it out of my own bowl. Today I'm moving Sparcky in and I'm watching the clock at work until I can go back to my little home again. It was an emotional weekend and a new beginning. I moved out, the same day my mom moved too and our always divided family finally split. She has an apartment now and my dad stayed in my childhood home. Benny's time will be spent between the two and Daniel and I are grown enough to be alone. 

This year has been changes and growth. It'll be Thanksgiving in my home and Christmas with myself.  Change is good but it can also be incredibly incredibly sad. 

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