UnderWood Family Farms Berry Picking - Moorpark, CA

Last week was a rough one. I know I mention Shay a lot on here but it's because we spend most of our days together. Dilshika, Shay and Jack are my best friends and they're a huge part of my life. Shay and I have been dating for three months now and last week we had a rough patch. It all happened at once and my family situation was really bad as well so a lot of last week was spent crying and dealing with my emotions. 

If something matters to you, you're going to have to work at it. Everything worth anything in life requires time and patience and work. Everyone is different and to understand and get along with people you're going to have to communicate and work together if they mean something to you. 

This weekend was nice. It was just incredibly pleasant and simple but mattered so much to me. After a long discussion and some tense times, Shay and I fixed things and we decided to go back to our exploring expeditions on Sunday. We drove our normal path through the backlands of Simi Valley and finally did something that had been on our to do list - we went berry picking.

The Underwoods Family Farm in Moorpark is this little tucked away organic farm that has fresh produce to buy and a petting zoo out front. We definitely spent a ton of time at the petting zoo (blog post coming soon) and afterwards, we went through the fields and picked ourselves some berries. Well Shay did most of the picking and I just photographed him doing all the work, haha.  It was brutally hot but so much fun. This time of year not too much is in season other than the blackberries that were ripe and gorgeous. 

We did manage to find three ripe blueberries to be exact and of course picked those part of our little bundle. It's actually a super neat experience. You just pick up an empty box when you walk in, wander about and pick your fruit and then go back to the register at the end of your trip, weigh your goodies and pay. We ended up picking a whole box of blackberries and the whole thing cost us a dollar! It was so much more fun doing that and seeing where your fruit is coming from rather than spending three or four dollars at the local grocery store. I spoke with the lady at the front and she told us that their blueberry fields are packed with people when they're in season and everyone comes out to enjoy the sun and pick some berries. 

I remember when I was little we used to go to a strawberry farm and pick strawberries right from the vines and bring them home to eat. It doesn't sound like much but if you're with the right person and you're open to really just experiencing a day and enjoying life, it's a blast. We even made a little friend named Berry who snuck into our container, Berry the berry bug. It was cute and simple and hot out but it was a perfect Sunday. 

I would honestly say if you're looking for a neat date or just a way to spend a weekend with family and friends, look up your local farms and see if they are open to the public. You'd be surprised how many places there are out there and how much fun you will have. 

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