Underwood Family Farms The Petting Zoo - Moorpark, CA

As I had mentioned in my previous post, this past weekend Shay and I went to the Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark to go berry picking. Little did we know that outside the fields was a little petting zoo where you could stop and feed the animals before going out to pick your harvest. I'm a sucker for animals. I've always been an animal person and have almost always had a zoo of my own back home. Shay is like a dog whisperer. My grumpy ass little dog (aka the love of my life) actually kissed Shay before I even did. Sparcky, my dog, is the type to literally bite someone for looking at him funny. The first time the two met, Sparcky was practically already sitting in his lap and by the end of the night he was licking his face as if they'd been best buds their whole lives. Ridiculous.

Anyway, I went and exchanged ten dollars for quarters and bought two bags of carrots and we basically fed every animal there for the next week. The little billy goats were adorable and would pose for the camera as Shay fed them carrot after carrot. This white one in particular just kept talking and yammering on. 

My personal favorite was this alpaca with a killer smile. He was probably the derpiest animal I've ever encountered and was just absolutely lovable. His wobbly legs and messed up teeth were the highlight of my day and Shay and I truly enjoyed feeding him and his brother carrots to nibble on. There were also chickens pecking about, some sheep that were gorgeous and little play yards for kids to enjoy while their parents shopped the market for fresh fruits and vegetables. We ended up buying some of their jam for Shay's mom and just browsed through the tiny shack to see what kind of goodies they had in stock. It was a lovely experience and an overall great day. 


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