Somis Nut House - Moorpark, CA

On our little excursion on Sunday, I finally got to go back and photograph Somis Nut House, a tiny shop located off the side of the road in the backlands of Moorpark that has some of the most incredible treats you'll ever get to try. Shay and I drive past here all the time. When we first started dating, it was one of our spontaneous stops and ever since I've wanted to go back to shoot some photos and tell y'all about this nutty shop.

Somi's Nut House is a tiny family run shop that has been around for fifty-six years. The owner is a 101 year old grandmother who along with her grand daughter packages, makes, and sells her dried fruit, nuts, and goodies to locals that stop by. Honestly this place is better than a candy shop. They have just about every dried fruit ever made as well as dried strawberries and tons of different kinds of dates. There's also nuts of every kind; raw, salted, or flavored with insane tastes like chili or ranch. Unlike the junk you can easily buy in a grocery store, all of their flavors are natural and real. Each package has a nutrition label that provides an easy list of ingredients without any funky additives or fake tastes. 

We're health nuts. Shay is really intense with his macro counting and I'm not one to usually binge and eat anything aside from my normal health foods. I'm not strict enough to where I ever limit myself but most days I don't feel the urge to eat badly. Walking around Somis there are hundreds of different treats you feel the dire need to try. I'm into salty foods, I like crackers and chips and anything that crunches with a salty taste. Those are my indulgences. Shay has a serious sweet tooth. I'm pretty sure if he could have chocolate and ice cream for every meal, he would. 

It was hard to choose but we ended up buying some real Veggie Chips, for me (they were amazing), dark chocolate rocky road marshmellow bites, dark chocolate honeycomb (which Shay devoured) and some sourdrop candies to suck on. We went back to his car and taste tested everything on the drive home and the sounds we were making would make a grown man blush. The chocolates were so darn good it was insane. I'm not even a sweets kind of person but the dark chocolate was so rich and real, it was overwhelmingly good. The sourdrops tasted delicious and the veggie chips were an absolute win. He was driving and we were just pigging out on yummy treats. Somis Nut House is an incredible store and a lovely stop on the way to Ventura, if you're ever in the neighborhood please pull off to the side of the road and wander inside. I promise you won't regret it. For those of you who don't live in California, Somis also has a website where you can buy their goodies and treats here.


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