The Abandoned Home - Box Canyon, CA

Monday was my first official day off work in ages. I don't think I've taken a full day off  since I started here back in March so the day to myself was well enjoyed. As I've been hinting to ya'll I am becoming more and more captivated with photography. It's just something I really enjoy doing. I rarely find myself going places without my camera anymore and I'm so thankful to have finally found something to be passionate about. I have been communicating back and forth with a few photography companies who have passed along tips to starting out and a common theme that everyone likes to live by is Practice. Practice. Practice. I love looking at my photo sets after and finding that my work is slowly but surely improving. A couple I've had the pleasure of meeting, Leo and Kat were talking to me about overshooting and undershooting the other day and Leo made a point of noting that he likes to undershoot because then more of his shots are made with a purpose. Recently, I've really begun to understand what that means and have been carefully thinking over my shots rather than just snapping a hundred and hoping for a good two. I've also gotten into the habit of analyzing my shots right after taking them which is something I avoided starting out. If I take a bad photo, I don't put myself down for it anymore, I work with my camera and see how I can improve the angles or settings to get the photo I want. It's such a cool learning experience and I just have an absolute blast.

I actually have my second wedding shoot coming up this Saturday and then next weekend I'll be doing my third. It's absolutely insane how much is going on and how thankful I am for everything that is happening. I'm stable with my job and have an amazing boss, I have a best friend I adore, Shay who brightens all my days, and now get to be passionate about something real and new. Life always has a way of working itself out so even though I often fret about things going wrong, it's good to remember all the positive too.

That being said, the purpose of this post was to share about my Monday explorations. I finally decided to go adventure with myself for once. I've been spending a lot of my time with everyone else and I've kind of missed just hanging with me. I'm incredibly comfortable being my own best friend and I think it's so important to have those days just spent enjoying yourself. Anywho, I drove the Box Canyon pass and finally parked my car on the side of the road, got out and wandered those insanely awesome roads. Box Canyon is kind of a mishmash of everything. It's a narrow canyon drive that connects Topanga Canyon with Simi Valley. Since Shay lives in Simi Valley it's a road I've grown familiar driving and every time I do I'm mystified by the awesome little houses that line the way. The place is a bit hidden and rundown with older homes that all look like they have character and a story to tell. There's even an abandoned car lot with crazy figurines and eclectic symbols sprawled along which I've been itching to wander through. 

Every time I cruise up the road, I see this abandoned house perched on random un-connecting stairs. I couldn't resist any longer and finally went to explore! It's a tiny hut house with worn down walls, chipped paint and cut phone lines. Super eery but also so darn cool. There wasn't much graffeti which made the place look genuine and less explored. I like that it was somewhere not many people tend to go and that it was my little green chipped home in the hills. I spent time there, a good hour just wandering and looking around. The inside was wrecked in the most beautiful ways and I didn't dare touch anything, it was all perfectly damaged as is. A lonely old home rotting away with the trees. Such a cool find, I just had to share. 


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