September Thoughts

It was cloudy and overcast today which is rare for us in California. The heat waves have been punishing most of us so it was nice to go outside and enjoy a less sticky climate. Dilshika and I were meant to go get our faces threaded but happened to go on the one day the shop was closed. Of course. I took her to Orcutt Ranch instead and we walked around and talked a bit.

Our schedules are so busy lately it's weird not seeing her every second of every day. Dil is working and is now back at school again and with my job, Shay, and the new photography side gigs it's sadly become rare to just see my best friend. It's already September which absolutely blows my mind and I know that these next few months are going to just breeze on by. Fall is coming and another year is nearing to a close. It's always a wonder to stop and think, enjoy a day out of the heat and live the memories of a new month's start.

September thoughts.

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