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These past two days have been such an insane rush of emotions. As I've mentioned in a few posts, I've recently begun finding more and more interest in photography and have been wanting to incorporate it more into my life. Last week when my nine to five office job was leaving me feeling a bit deflated, I went out on a whim and emailed a few different wedding photography companies located in California and put my name out there. I explained that I'm essentially a complete amateur and that I was willing to shadow anyone who would give me a shot. I didn't think much of it and figured at least I tried.

Friday afternoon I check my inbox and find a reply from a very nice gentleman named Nick who is the owner of Priscila Valentina Photography. He included his telephone number and I phoned him up to have a chat. I found out that he was shooting a wedding in Malibu the next day and he was willing to let me come along and try to get some shots. With less than twenty four hours to completely freak out, I accepted the job and met him the next day at the shoot. I have to say it was probably the most emotional twenty four hours of just pure joy and appreciation for where I am right now in life. 

I learned so much about myself in those short hours that I'm just forever grateful for the opportunity. The wedding was beautiful and even though I am my own worst critic I was able to manage a few decent shots. I found that I really do love photography and it's something I'm definitely interested in improving and maybe even including in my future entirely. The best part was probably that no one payed me any attention and I was able to capture people being human and genuine. Laughing shots of the bride and groom, soft smiles from the bride's mother, bored flower girls, it was just a beautiful capture of raw emotion. 

Nick's team were incredible to work with as well and they taught me little lessons about photography and camera that improved my work instantly. I was just able to learn about my camera and my style by being pushed into a situation that required me to keep playing with it and learning throughout the day. One of the girls that was doing the wedding videos actually asked me to help out on another one this upcoming weekend so if that pans through that'll be absolutely incredible. 

I'm going to be stuck editing the photos and trying to put together a working piece these next few days but I wanted to quickly put together a little post of appreciation. Appreciation to new life updates and new hobbies with joy. Hopefully this can push me out of my element and I can keep doing wedding shoots or shoots in the future. Photography makes me happy and therefore I need to let myself hold on to that passion. 

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