El Matador State Beach

This weekend Dilshika and I took a trip out to the beach. We ended up driving through the canyons and found our way a little north of Malibu at El Matador State Beach. Both of us have been wanting to photograph this location for quite some time so it was rad that we finally got the opportunity to. We wandered down to the shore and I fell in love with some birds nestling on top of one of the rocks. These beautiful large mounds were statuesque as they perched on the rocks and bathed in the clouded beach air. The stretch of ocean halted at the above boulder and I figured that the scenery ended with this stone. Suddenly two little children pop up from the ground and tell us there's an underground cave. 

Dil and I crawl inside and it was just absolute beauty. Tall walls of dark rock lined the ocean and you were suddenly in a different world. Inside the cave was incredible. I was too hypnotised to snap anything decent but I want to go back one day in the earliest hours of the morning to see what comes in with the tide. Crossing back through the other side brought us to the more crowded side of the beach where tourists and beach bums bathed in the last moments of summer. We were soaked and tired and had to walk back towards my car but the experience was memorable. El Matador State Beach is one to visit, it's hidden caves are incredible and the site makes it definitely worth a weekend trip. 

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