Lake Casitas At Dusk

Friday night I wanted to go for a drive. I picked up Mr. Shay after work and drove our way down the freeway. One part about working late is that we usually miss the sun by the time we both get to meet up so as we drove towards the sunset, I took a few turns and we found the backway to Lake Casitas. Lake Casitas is a small lake located near Ojai, California. I used to go camping there all the time when I was younger and as we passed the parked trailers in the brown forests, the memories all came back. 

We turned off a road and found this old abandoned building tucked off the side of the road. We're both really into exploring haunted places and this one looked particularly eery. It was an old stage hidden behind the brush with spiderwebs and echoes that were ridiculously cool. I of course chose to wear a skirt this particular day so the adventuring was pretty slim for me but we were able to check out the dark locked inside and stand on the stage enjoying the sounds as the sun set. Shay and I got back to my car just in time to drive past the lake as dusk settled in. We do simple things but the simple things always matter. 

That night I met Shay's mom for the first time. He finally introduced me to her and I couldn't have been happier. He makes me happy and we fit together so well. The weekend was full of more adventures but Friday night was one to remember.

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