Labor Day Sunsets

I got most of the day off yesterday as it was Labor Day and after sleeping away my afternoon Shay and I decided to take a drive at sunset. We ended up finding a backway across from the mountains we usually pass through to get to the beach and what we saw was probably one of the most incredible sights I've seen in a long time. It felt like we drove to the top of the world and found ourselves above massive mountain peeks. The sun was setting and it felt like every color was new and different. We drove a little further from the overlook and wandered down the path where the beach stretched for miles on one end and the mountains swallowed you in on the other. It was eternally beautiful and nothing else mattered but the sight in front of us.

We stayed there for a while, taking in the air and the peaceful serenity. While normal people party on holidays, we drive and get lost to find crazy mountain views and stunning sunsets. I didn't think yesterday would be much. Just another Monday but every Monday is different and never the same.

We got lost right by the ocean and it was wonderful.


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