An Instagram Faux Pas - The Commissary

I'm pretty easy to please. I like going to new places and experiencing different kinds of foods and people and most times I'm rather decently satisfied. I'm a foodie but I'm also really into the simple things in life. Recently, I saw quite a few posts on this beautiful looking restaurant in Los Angeles known as The Commissary. The restaurant itself is a greenhouse that's seated above a cafe. The entire establishment is part of a hotel and the place is incredibly incredibly snazzy. The Commissary sits right beside the pool and the crowd ranges from hipster to too-cool for school chic. I figured this place was right up my alley, a beautiful location to shoot and they served food - what's not to enjoy?

To be honest, the vibe of this place was so off. Rather than having that edgy carefree feeling, the sett-up was almost forced and the menu was just ridiculous. Let's just start off by saying, I spent $20 on three slices of cheese and some crackers. I understand that some people like to be posh and edgy and cool and want to spend stupid amounts of money on ridiculously small amounts of food. Hey, if you're producing something magical in that small little entree then ok, chef boyardee it up. But if you're going to charge someone $20 for something they can grab at the nearest Vons, we're going to have a problem. 

The place is more of a bar scene and if you don't drink, like myself, it's not much of anything. The atmosphere is so unrelaxed that it's tense wherever you look. The seating is elbow to elbow and the decor tosses in tacky napkins and silverware throwing off the sophisticated, free green landscape. Dilshika ordered some pesto spaghetti which I had a bite of and the sauce was so extreme, I can still taste the oil today. We ended up leaving hungry and honestly displeased. There's nothing grand or special about this place at all, it's just rather bland and trying to hard to be something it's not. If you're purely looking for an instagram snap and don't mind spending ridiculous money on ridiculous food, The Commissary is your place to go. If you're like me, and hopefully the rest of the world, stick to restaurants that serve real food for real people who don't have time or money to waste on bad experiences.

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