The Hollywood Bowl Lookout

I used to have to wait until the weekend to spend my nights making memories. Life is so much better when you're living moments rather than scheduling them. Shay and I decided to drive to Hollywood yesterday to watch the sunset over the Hollywood Hills. I was trying to find somewhere nice to see the city and found this little nook online. Right above the Hollywood Bowl lays a small lookout point perfect for catching the setting sun. It's off the busy freeway streets and away from the chaos of the world, a perfect spot to stop and breathe and experience the life you're living. Similar to other L.A. sites, this lookout point is a bit more intimate and breathe-taking. 

In one corner you can see the white letters of the Hollywood sign fade under the sun while on the other side the L.A. city lights begin to turn on and the city changes to night life. I love experiencing sights for the first time and this lookout point is mostly filled with L.A. tourists who are experiencing their tastes of the city for the first or last times. It's beautiful watching unfamiliar faces mesmerised by the masses we live in. Shay and I simply sat off to the side and people watched and everything felt like it was supposed to - just right. 

It was a Wednesday night towards the end of July and it mattered. 

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