Hidden Hindu Temple of Malibu

I love finding new places to go that no one knows about; little hidden gems that aren't all that popular but are breath-taking in their own way. California is full of tourist attractions and hangouts where everyone goes to be around people. I tend to like my own little bubble and am always on the hunt for random happenings to photograph and get lost in. 

One of my all time favourite hide-outs would have to be the Hindu Temple off of Las Virgenes Road on the way to Malibu. Right before the winding road turns into the beautiful landscape of the mountains sits a hidden white temple that not many people know about. The temple was built in 1981 for the Hindu God Venkateswara. Often times, there will be people praying who are always more than happy to tell you all about the beautiful temple and it's beliefs and purpose. I used to stop here often with my mom growing up and yesterday when I just needed a breather from life, I drove there to walk barefoot and take in the white beauty. This temple is huge and if you have the time to really stay and enjoy it, you can get lost in the contours of the exotic architecture. Each edge and stone is etched gorgeously with hindu figures and carved decoration. I'm a huge fan of appreciating architecture and used to spend days in Europe ogling the massive walls of the old shops and churches. I like finding little remnants of that similar beauty here, in my town of L.A. 

It's rare to get away from the noise sometimes so when I find spots like this one, I add them to my list and tuck myself away in their beautiful embraces whenever I find the time. If you're ever getting lost on the way to the beach, try to find the Hidden Hindu Temple on your way; it's a site worth seeing. 

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