This Week I... (#6)

1. I had a hard week last week. To be quite honest I wasn't going to write up this post because last week was mostly just absolutely miserable. I had a really rough time with my boss and work and I've been incredible overwhelmed with everything, so much so that I've been ill all weekend. I've still not fully recovered and tomorrow is already Monday so I'm really just hoping next week is a little bit better. 

2. Spent a lot of time with my best friend. I never imagined actually having a friendship like the one Dilshika and I have. She and I know each other so well and stick together through so much. I just can't explain how much I appreciate her sometimes so I thought I would document it here, she's one of the greatest people I've ever known and I'm lucky to call her my best friend. 

3. Did some retail therapy. I have a massive Sephora haul I really should get up on the blog as well as a new addition to my everyday look - A gorgeous Bag I purchased from Free People. 

4. Meal prepped my little butt off. Hello 12 week program, I'm committed to you this time and really want to feel healthy, get toned, and feel more confident. Meal prepped all my breakfast, lunch, and snacks leaving a tiny bit of room for dinner. 

That's honestly all I really want to remember about last week to be quite honest. It was a horrid turn of events and work has been leaving me feeling very unappreciated. I'm feeling horrid today and the stress and sun have caused my skin to turn against me so horribly I want to cry. 

Fingers crossed for a better tomorrow. Please :( 


  1. Aw, sorry about your terrible week. Mine was absolutely dreadful too, and like you, I was miserable. So I feel ya <3 hopefully this week is better!

    Ali | Lilac Lipstick

  2. hope this week is better for you:)


  3. Hope you're feeling ok! I think this can be quite an overwhelming time of year in general, especially if you're having a tough time at work. Good that you have an amazing friend to help you feel better though! Go you for the meal prepping too :P
    lily x


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