Second Chances | The Vichy Normaderm Daily Deep Cleansing Gel

This photo has been sitting in my drafts file for such a long time, I've actually managed to go through a whole other bottle of cleanser and found my rounds back to this one. The Vichy Normaderm Daily Deep Cleansing Gel for Acne-Prone Skin was originally such a dud for me. I actually used this two or three times and every morning I would wake up with horrific breakouts and the only thing I'd changed in my skincare routine, was adding this bad boy. I kind of just swore off it and shoved it in a drawer, leaving it for a sassy blog post one day. 

Recently, I ran out of my Origins Ginzing Cleanser and since I'm trying to save a bit of money, I went back into my skincare drawer and gave this one a second chance. Now, I won't say I'm completely convinced that it's a great cleanser but, I no longer hate its guts. I've always had acne and face demons that liked to ruin my days so acne fighting components are always welcome in my routine. My face has cleared up tremendously and this foamy gel cleanser does the trick of taking off the rest of my makeup and washing/cleansing my face. This time around, my face isn't reacting to this product negatively and it feels nice enough when I use it, that I'm in no real rush to go out and buy a different one. It has a $20 price tag that can definitely be used elsewhere however, since it's already bought I might as well use it. The moral of this story, or rather blog post is, that some products are simply worth a second chance. 

Sometimes we toss products aside when they don't work for us, but shopping your own stash is always the best way to find new gems. Different products work in different seasons and your skin is always changing; sometimes I'm oily sometimes I have dry skin. You never know if that product that didn't work for you in January may become your holy grail in July. So this weekend, go through those old rejects and maybe give them a second shot. You never know what products may end up pleasantly surprising you. 


  1. I've always loved Vichy and the Normaderm range, may you broke out because it was bringing all the badness out your skin? I dunno, I'd love to know why skin feels the need to break out at inappropriate times!

  2. This is my go-to face wash, and I absolutely love it! It's sucks that it didn't work for you the first time around! I've been using it for two years, and I wouldn't change it for sure!! xx

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

  3. I just got something from the Normaderm range and I'm really liking it so far. You're definitely right though, some things really are worth a second chance! xx

  4. It's rather interesting that a bad product can turn into a good product when you give it another go. I've had that experience with skincare products too. I guess season does matter. Glad that it worked out well the second time though. :)

    Olivia x Beauty from the Fjord


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