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This weekend my best friend and I took a road trip down to the Rosebowl in Pasadena for the annual Rosebowl Flead Market that goes on there the second Sunday of every month. We've been meaning to go for ages and this weekend we finally found the time for an adventure. I have to say this place is incredibly awesome but also so so exhausting. There's a million things to look at in every direction and you're constantly worried that you may miss out on a random doodad you absolutely require to go on living. I've been on this quest to perfect my room and have been obsessing over homeware items so I was in utter heaven in this place. 

Antiques, furniture, vintage shoes and purses, literally anything you could ever want and need was put in one huge fair ground and left for your thrifting pleasures. If it weren't a million degrees in California, I could have probably stayed there all day rummaging but the heat was exhausting and toting around my little treasures took a tole on me fast. We ended up staying a total of three hours and I managed to pick up some lovely new pieces. 

My rooms colour scheme is very white so when I happened upon these China plates, I fell in love. The first one is big and an ivory tone and just perfect for little bits and bops to just sit and look pretty upon. I picked the beaut up for a whopping $6 which was just an absolute steal. The second China plate has a really beautiful rustic feel with all of its cracks and edges. I love the rounded corners and scratchy texture. I found it would be perfect for little rings and perfumes to sit on on my vanity. For $10 I simply could not leave without it. 

I really love necklaces with long chains and big solid pieces so when I finally found this solid crescent moon chain, I was ecstatic. I wear the same upside down triangle necklace everyday and it's my absolute favourite accessory. This new piece paired together will help make my boring t-shirt looks seem a bit more put together and will allow me to not have to put much thought into looking like I give a damn. Moon necklaces go online for crazy expensive prices and this one was just $10 so I felt it was a justified buy. 

And finally, my favourite of the lot was my new beautiful treasure box. Goodness this thing is absolutely gorgeous. I spotted it the first time circling around the market and kicked myself in the butt the whole way through for not picking it up. When we went around a second time, I saw that it hadn't been snatched up yet, I knew I had to have it. It's a gorgeous glass box with rusty detailed markings and gorgeous embellished edges. It has a neat little hook to open at the top and a mirror is the floorboard which just makes me love it more. This little gem was only $10 and I have not quite found a place to put it yet, but it's definitely a treasure. 

As you can see, I go a little homeware mad and really found some neat little tidbits. I am still on the hunt for more pillows, a desk chair and wall decor but my room is slowly coming along to be my perfect little oasis. If you guys have any websites to recommend that sell nice home tidbits or places in California I should happen upon, I'd love for you to share! 


  1. Wow really cool stuff there. its so interesting how you can find these little tidbits in places that are usually overlooked. I think my fav is definitely that moon necklace.


  2. You got some great finds! I love the necklace x


  3. Hey gorgeous! My account has been really weird lately and some of my comments haven't been posting, so I'm going to comment again just to be on the safe side haha. Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog, and nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!



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