(Late) October Glossybox

I admit that one of my guilty pleasures is watching loads of beauty videos on youtube and just about every guru under the sun has at one time or another ordered one of these lovely boxes from Glossybox. The other day I went out on a whim and ordered myself my very first box and I'll admit I was very skeptical. It was a bit more pricey than I liked, coming to about 20 euros with shipping and handling and since each box is designated to its country, I wasn't really expecting anything great since I live in a fashion and beauty deprived country. It came a little over a week later and overall I would rate this box a 2.5 out of 5. Now, I know that most of these boxes are hits or misses every month and sometimes they send you really amazing products while other months you get a box of duds. They make you fill out a little survey when applying on the website regarding what condition your skin and hair and such is and I will admit they respected my likes and dislikes and some of the products I have actually come to use. 

The box itself is really cute and perfect for storage so as lame as it sounds, that in itself made me super excited, yay pretty pink box! Upon opening, it was just like all the youtube videos show... perfectly wrapped and beautiful with a little card showing the items you've received and a bit of information regarding each. The two products I was completely unimpressed with were the Marbert Bath & Body Energy Shower Gel and the Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturiser. I am incredibly picky when it comes to smells and the Shower Gel, to put it bluntly, stinks. I think they were trying to make some kind of sea breeze smelling stuff but it just smells like a mixture of cheap mens cologne and bathroom cleaner. As for the moisturiser, the full size bottle retails for 32,50 euros and for that kinda money, the formula is just pitiful. I haven't really given it a try so it may just be some kind of skin crack but I am really turned off by sticky creams and moisturisers and this one is just hard to rub into the skin and doesn't have any nice smelling components or anything. It's not that it's a bad product, it's just that it's nothing special or worth oooing and awing over. 

There was also a Balance Me Shine on Tinted Lip Salve in Super Soft Beige which wasn't too shabby, it didn't leave an overwhelming glow on the lips and wasn't sticky or disgusting feeling. I'm not a big fan of lip gloss in general but for when my lips are feeling dry, this could possibly be something I'd reach for. It's not a product I would go out of my way purchasing and it retails for way too much in my opinion (11,70 for a Lip Salve?! Pfft, no thanks) but it was an alright addition to the box. 

Lastly, two items did stand out to me and I have found myself actually using and appreciating them. The Diadermine Lift and Skin Perfection Skin-bettering Multi-Zone Oil is actually a lovely product. It's basically a vitamin oil that comes in a spray bottle that is meant to nourish, lift and rejuvenate your skin. It kinda feels and smells like baby oil but does sink into your skin pretty fast and leaves it feeling and looking pretty dang lovely. I've rubbed it into my arms a few times now and although I haven't seen any noticeable differences yet, it feels nice enough and almost has this glowing effect on the body. I could see it being really nice to use in the summer when the sun is out, a few spritzes on the arms and legs will leave them glowing just slightly and give almost a bronzed, slick, smooth look on the surface. I can also see someone using this for a night out, if you're showing a bit of boob action and you want your chest area to glow and look a bit sleeker than usual, I could image a few sprays of this stuff doing just the trick. The fact that it has vitamins and nourishing junk in it also helps, so yah, why not, it's an item worth a purchase. My favourite product of the bunch would have to be the hair product they included. The Syoss Supreme Selection Restore 10in1 Essential Wondercure is probably my new favourite hair care product. If any of you read my earlier haul post, I also purchased some Syoss haircare items from my local drug store and I absolutely hated them. The dry shampoo and heat protectant were such shit products, I never would have picked up another Syoss item. Then Glossybox goes and sends me this spray and ugh, I'm in love. You're meant to spray it in your hair when damp and just scrunch it in and massage it into your head. I have used it maybe for a week now, every other day and the ends of my hair feel healthier and nicer and it doesn't even feel like I have dead ends or use heat products everyday. My hair genuinely eats this junk up and the formula doesn't get all over my hands or anything. It's also meant to keep your hair from frizzing and as it is getting closer to winter here and humidity is everywhere in the air, frizz has been my worst enemy. This spray has managed to keep my hair in control and still feeling amazing even after a rain storm. I'm still pretty skeptical about the Syoss products and will probably continue to use this one till it's all used up but I would recommend this to anyone looking for a vitalising, vitamin spray to help repair broken hair. 

So overall, I had 2 duds,  1 so-so item, and 2 hits in my October Glossybox. I did go ahead and order myself the November one as well since I am curious as to what they'll be giving away this month, it's exciting and I may be a sucker for spending my money on this thing but.. so be it. I think the box carries items that I personally wouldn't have thought of buying myself but that's the point isn't it? A way of being introduced to new beauty hits and misses that you can either swoon over or rant about in a blog post one day... haha. 

Alright, let me know if you're subscribed to Glossybox or maybe receive some other Beautyboxes you'd like to suggest to me. Would you guys like to see a November Glossybox review once I get mine? (There's going to be one regardless so you might as well say yes!) haha, leave some comments down bellow. 

Stefanie xx 


  1. I really need to subscribe to a beauty box, heard so much buzz about them! Glad you found some products you liked x


    1. thank you! I see you're from the Uk so then I'd recommend the Birchbox ones because they seem even better than Glossybox

  2. I have never been interested in these beauty boxes, but you have received some nice items and really good big sizes as well! great post :)
    Rara from RepeatPiece

    1. thank you so much! I was always intrigued by them so I had to finally get one (:

  3. Looks like you got some good size products, I don't really like the glozzybox anymore I am more of a birchbox kind of girl. I like their products more.


    1. I am dying to try Birchbox but I don't think they ship to the country I live and it sucks :(


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