Mondays Fundays?

For the start of a new hectic week, today actually ended up being rather lovely. I got to sleep in a bit longer than I initially intended which is always nice because which college student couldn't use more sleep? I ended up going for a study outing with a friend at the local coffee shop where we actually ended up studying; I think the value of a friendship can be measured by whether or not you're actually able to study together and get stuff done and still manage to have fun whilst doing it. We have a final coming up on the 22nd we're both insanely nervous about because the first time around we both kinda sorta failed. It was really refreshing though looking at the material and actually being able to understand it this time around, we have two weeks to study and since it's already going well I have high hopes. Afterwards, we treated ourselves to some retail therapy which is basically the best remedy to exhaustion from studying too hard. I ended up really enjoying myself and can honestly say I treasured the simplicity of today.

I ended the day with work which ended up being much longer than I'd expected. We had a Philosophical Cafe today and I had to stay and clean up at 8:30... we usually close at 6:30 so it was a bit annoying. For those of you who don't know I work in a coffeeshop inside the city's major bookstore and I absolutely adore it. I get to be surrounded by books and coffee beans with enjoyable coworkers and good tips. Today something actually rather nice happened.  There's not really much else to say about today other than that it wasn't a bad Monday. 

Life's too short to dread any day, even Mondays. 

Stefanie xx 

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