Dark Winter

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Natasha Singlet Tank Top €5 - Monki 
Lucky Lace Bra €12 - Monki
High Heel Ankle Boots with Buckle Detail €72 - Pull&Bear
Hobbs Sheer Shine Tights €8,38 - House of Fraser
Toni Skirt €65 - Monki 
Mono Waterfall Coatigan €78 - DorothyPerkins

This look would honestly most resemble my everyday wardrobe, I wear a lot of black and I mean a lot. It's just what I feel the most comfortable in, I think it slims, makes you look incredibly sexy, is beautiful to pair with just about anything and by mix and matching different tones and textures.. black can always be chic and perfect. I also am a pretty big fan of basics lately, my wardrobe is a little dull but I do find that for college or work or just simply on the go, basics are perfect pieces to just grab and throw on. I will admit some of these items are on the pricier side but I bet there are dupes on tons of websites or they're that one splurge item that we're all just dying to have in our closet.

I think that the only kinds of clothing, I actually end up investing in are ones that I know I can incorporate in just about any kind of look. Shoes, black skirts, and coats are just that; specifically these that are kind of to die for. Buckle boots are just about everywhere right now, from the Jeffrey Campell Coltranes to the Steve Madden Karenas, everyone is wearing them, everywhere is selling them and it's kind of just up to you to find the right one that fits your autumn winter taste. I really like the gold detail on these from Pull&Bear because I usually opt for gold jewellery and accessories so it would tie in with most of my looks but, if you're more of a silver kind of gal.. look for one with some silver details! Whatever floats your boat and is acceptable for your budget. The leather detailing from last year's collections are still going strong and I have to admit, I've jumped on the leather loving bandwagon. However, for a girl with a bit more junk in the trunk and curves that can't actually be contained.. a full on leather skirt just won't do. This skirt from Monki is honestly beautiful, the little leather accents are right by the top which create the illusion of a smaller waist and would work for just about any body type. I think even my huge bum wouldn't look that big in this killer skirt! Lastly, the coat. Ugh, I am just so perplexed with coats and outerwear and all this clothing needed to keep me warm and still look cute load of bull. Look, I'm from California... our sweater weather is during those five to seven days it actually rains and everyone gets to pull out their uggs and lightknit cardigans and sit and complain about the freezing 55 degree weather we're so hopelessly fighting through. I am now living in a country where 55 degrees is summer and snow is basically on the forecast everyday during the winter... and yet I still don't own a winter coat. I know, I know, I'm going to freeze my (as mentioned before) big white ass off, but I just can't find a coat that doesn't make me look like a big potato. Most coats are cut so straight and the ones that do tie at the waist still have all this fabric that makes it look like I have MULTIPLE muffin tops. The trench coats are too long, the windbreakers too ugly, heck.. I think I'd rather freeze than go to school everyday looking like a stuffed mushroom. So... yes, I have yet to actually purchase a coat and I'm far too picky to buy one online so in the meantime I decided to add this one to this outfit. It's a Dorothy Perkins coatigan.. a coat/cardigan? and it looks really beautiful here. The pattern is lovely, the pricing is acceptable and I was even considering purchasing the dang thing just to get this whole coat debacle over with. But then... I went on the website and the skinny minny model who was wearing it looked incredibly unflattering in it and when that happens well... how the hell am I supposed to pull it off if even Barbie can't? So, I decided I'd rather save my money and avoid looking like the big ass peach that's carrying James to New York City and didn't buy it. 

For finishing touches and basic necessities, I included the little black tank top from Monki. Everyone owns a black tank top and then paired it over this adorable triangle bra. Okay, I'll admit for cold temperatures if you don't want Mount Everest to appear on your chest.. a little flimsy bra probably wouldn't be the best bet but it's cute looking and I've always wanted one so I included it in this outfit,  okay!? To top off this martini, wear some black sheer tights under the skirt to add some length to those legs and enjoy the beautiful autumn days feeling like a chic sex goddess. 

Stefanie xx  


  1. I love the coatigan, it looks super cosy <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. The cardigan is so lovely, absolutely gorgeous - bit more expensive than what I would have expected from Dorothy Perkins though.. Xx


  3. the bra is amazing! love monk, they have amazing staple pieces!
    rara from RepeatPiece

  4. Love all the pieces here!
    Visit my blog if you have time, I've published a new outfit post and I'll be happy to read your opinion!

  5. nice, I like the jacket :)


  6. Loving the look of those boots.. I saw someone with LV versions the other say and I did comtemplate taking a sneaky picture for buying reference haha!!

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog



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