Date Night Outfit

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Cap Sleeve Crop Top in White - Jane Norman €5 
Gold Chain Necklace - H&M €10 
Highbrow Shades - NastyGal €12
NARS Lipstick in Damage - Nordstrom €20.41
Reptile Faux Leather Envelope Clutch Bag in Beige - Chiara Fashion €17.51
Parisian Black Side Zip Leather-Look Midi Skirt - New Look €29.99 
Zara Shiny High Heel Strappy Sandal - Zara €74 

I have really been leaning towards investing in higher end products lately and rather than buying bits and bops of cheap clothing or accessories or makeup, I have been going out and splurging on the real things. These Zara Strappy Sandals are basically constantly talked about, Zara Strappy Heels in general are everywhere in Fashion and in tons of my favourite fashion ladies closets so, I decided to make an outfit centred around them. I actually got the inspiration from one of my favourite you tubers HeyClaire. She rocks the edgy look and I always drool over her outfit pairings.

This look doesn't exactly read wintertime but if you're so keen on being warm just throw a long coat over it. I thought it was an ideal date night outfit and although I won't be going on any dates anytime soon, maybe y'all will and you can get some inspiration from this little set here. I am in love with this skirt from New Look. Midi Skirts are usually really unflattering on me because I feel like I have short stubby legs but as I've been losing weight my legs have become something I'm becoming more and more proud of. I have a big tattoo on my right calf which was designed by my best friend and has my favourite quote by a philosopher named Descartes, "I think, therefore I am" so any chance I get to show it off, I usually take. I love this sexy zipper detail and the huge slit that flashes just enough leg to get your dates blood pumping. I thought the top needed to be kept casual so I chose a simple white crop top and then of course, a staple gold chain Necklace from H&M. What I absolutely love about this look, other than the fabulous shoes is this amazing little Envelope Clutch from Chiara Fashion. I am not usually a big fan of clutches because I find them too small and annoying but this one is really gorgeous and just looks classy, elegant, and fits all the junk I feel the need to carry around. To finish off the look, I added a dark lipstick from Nars and some sunnies from NastyGal. Okay,okay, so the Shades are a little irrational since it's going to be snowing here soon but I found them so adorable and they worked with the whole colour motive so don't judge me. Also, oh oh did you notice I didn't choose a Mac Lipstick this time? I found this Nars one adorable and I really like the packaging. I always found my lips too small for lipstick but recently I've made some high end purchases and found it may have just been the cheap lipsticks all those years that made me deny the fact that my lips too can look luscious and nice. I like the dark shade as well because it seems edgy and if the date happens to go extra well you can mark your territory on his collar with some deep dark lip action. All in all, this look is just damn sexy and would work for pretty much every body type, every girl should want to feel like a sex goddess during a date and the right outfit and accessories can really help boost confidence and your dates heart rate.

Not the most eventful blogpost but I'm trying to get back into the habit of sitting down and writing. The weather has been leaving me a little tired and mopey lately so I haven't wanted to seep that energy into my blog posts. Thanks for being patient with me, those of you who actually read my lame little blog and leave some comments down bellow telling me about what you would wear for a date night. 
Stefanie xx


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