Busy Busy Busy

I apologize for the lack of blog posts lately, I've had so much going on and have actually been busy socially and the norm. I actually had a weekend away this past Saturday and Sunday where I went up to a friends house and stayed with her for a bit. It was a mixture of ups and downs and was actually rather eventful. I also have decided to finally take the plunge and have been purchasing high end makeup products, aka spending tons of money all day. The friend I stayed with is also into high end makeup so after the weekend I was determined to splurge and buy some stuff that better be worth my buck. I picked up some things today and the rest I have ordered online. I'll be putting up a blog post on the entire bits and bops once everything comes and I'm super excited to show you all. I also have some things coming for Christmas from America which I am so insanely excited about. Eeeee, makeup haha. I honestly just wanted to put up this quick post and say, I am alive, I do miss blogging but I am just stressed and to be frank kind of lazy. I have an important final coming up on Friday which I'm shit scared for so I think I'm trying to avoid hyperventilating over that. Wish me luck and I hope you're all well. Look forward to some insane blog posts coming up, I'm also going to be receiving my Birchbox and Glossybox any day now so I'm stoked to show you guys everything once it's here! 
Be Patient with my Absence Please and be Wonderful,
xx Stefanie 

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