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I've been really down lately so, like a silly girl I decided to do some retail therapy and go shopping. It's super difficult for me to shop in the town that I live in now because none of the stores really carry any of the make up or hair products stores in America do. It's super frustrating but since I was desperate and willing to try some new products I picked up a few beauty, skin, and hair care products. I also have been doing some autumn/winter clothing shopping but I think a lot of it will be happening online so once everything arrives I'll be sure to do another separate clothing haul post. 

So to start off I have fairly long hair that's been dyed and broken and such quite often in the past. It gets oily and the ends are dry and I never really was one for putting product in my hair. Recently I have decided that I wanted to start taking better care of my hair and I would start looking into some products that can make it thicker and longer and just overall more healthy. I used to wash my hair everyday because my scalp would get incredibly oily and greasy but recently I have started washing it every two or sometimes even three days. Now I wouldn't be able to do this were it not for dry shampoo. I purchased a cheap version a while back by I believe the brand Balea just to test it out on my hair and see if dry shampoo really was all that it had been hyped up to be. I went through the bottle in about two or three months having used it every few days or so. It wasn't a bad products but it did leave the gross white marks that dry shampoo sometimes does and therefore I figured this time I would buy one a bit more expensive and see how these two compare. 

I purchased the Syoss Anti-Grease Dry Shampoo (€6) and I have to admit although I've only used it twice so far, I'm incredibly disappointed with this product. Not only does it have a much heavier visible leave in grey zone from using it but it also smells absolutely overwhelming. The spray itself smells like a salon but it sticks to your hair and it's simply not something you want to walk around smelling like everyday. If you use it in a bathroom or small room, it's bound to leave the whole place reeking and the actual effect it has on taking away the grease is no better than the cheaper alternative from Balea which was around €2. I don't actually know if I'm going to keep this product or if I'm going to just order a brand from America off Amazon but I wouldn't personally recommend it to anyone. 

Along with the dry shampoo, I also picked up the Syoss Heat Protectant Spray (€8). Now, I know its absolutely horrible and I do use heat products every day whether it be a flat iron, blow dryer or the occasional curling iron but I never used Heat Protectant for my hair. I shouldn't be surprised as to why my hair is damaged but like I said before, I'm trying to change. I have used this product about four or five times now and it works seemingly well, I haven't seen significant change or anything but I suppose it could be protecting my hair more? Who knows really? But, overall I don't have any complaints with this item. I like the spray handle, I think it's really durable and basically just gets the job done. 

My skin had been acting up lately and though I usually make an at home remedy for break outs (blog post coming soon), I decided to pick up a face mask (1.50) that I can put on once or twice a week that cleanses my pores. This one particularly has algae, minerals, aloe vera, Camille, and a few more ingredients I don't actually know the english translation of. It burns a little when first applying and leaves my skin a bit red afterward but it felt amazing and soft as soon as I rinsed this mask off. I think for the cheap price it's a really good product.  

I also went ahead and restocked my favourite liquid eyeliner by S.he Stylezone (2). I love how affordable this eyeliner is and unlike a lot of other cheap liquid eyeliners it's a true black and doesn't smudge through out the day. It also is really easy to draw a clear line and I genuinely don't see the point in spending more money on higher end liquid eyeliner when this one is just as good. I think the formula is really amazing and it doesn't take loads of make up remover to try to get it off, which is always a plus. If you're having trouble finding a liquid eyeliner that's affordable yet still incredibly well made, check this one out. 

Last but certainly not least, I finally picked up a Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in the colour Eternal Gold 05 (€8.95). I really really love this product. I will admit that I think the price is a bit ridiculous especially for a drug store brand but I see this product lasting me for months. I like to use it as an all over lid colour which I mix with a light yellow or nude eyeshadow and because it comes off so light, it just enhances my eye colour and makes my eyes pop. I love the finish and it stays in place all day long which is very rare for eyeshadows. I'm thinking of also picking up one of the light pink shades but this Gold is definitely a simple add on to any make up look that will make your eyes and overall appearance pop. I like that there's little to no fall out and that it's in a durable pot, I basically just like everything about it. I know a lot of beauty gurus rave about these colour tattoo pots and I definitely admit they're worth all of the hype.

Okay guys, that's about all I had to show you. I know I haven't been blogging as often lately and I think it's because I just don't have the motivation to write lately. I have work later on tonight until midnight which I am completely dreading but hopefully things will get a bit better lately and then I'll be bringing out some more blog posts too. 

Be patient with me,


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