Start of A Long Week

It's Monday again and I was definitely feeling it this morning when I forced myself out of bed. It's weird getting back into the way of things, going to school in the morning, having to look appealing or at least acceptable every day is rather exhausting. This morning's class wasn't too bad, it went by rather quickly and I ended up getting very confused over the way government is run in countries other than America. We live by our Bill of Rights in which every person is aware that they have certain unalienable rights simply because they are human and it is the job of an attorney to provide it's clients with a case in which we argue for our clients rights that are being restricted or questioned. It's really hard to wrap my mind around a country that doesn't have a Bill of Rights and where more everyday people aren't actually aware of their rights. It seems rather ignorant to be living in a country as a citizen and not be aware of the rights that are possibly being withheld from oneself. It's going to be an interesting journey these next few years learning the ways of a system of government that runs so differently from America's. 
Another thing I realised today is that I really need to stop taking naps and instead go to bed at a decent time or something because taking a nap during the day just keeps me from so many other things that I need to get done. It's getting difficult for me to find enough hours in the day to study and eat and go to classes and work out and possibly get some sleep. I guess that's the college way of life though.

The day actually ended on a positive note. I had a night class where we were all stuffed into this big giant room and there were probably 500 of us, if not more. Going into it I figured I was going to have an uncomfortable time because I have yet to meet anyone. As I was waiting to go inside however, a girl started talking to me and we ended up sitting together and getting along rather well. She seems genuinely nice and I didn't get bored talking to her which is pretty different for me lately. I was so proud of myself for venturing out of my comfort zone and actually talking to someone. I think the whole room got along a bit better as well because the Professor was a little strange. He kept making these awful throat noises and when the people in the front of the room which carried 500 shook their head or said something he would stop and question them when they never intended him to hear. It was rather entertaining because he's this old monotone man who most certainly has no idea he's hilarious but he just does things that make us all laugh. It eased the tension in the room. There was a guy that was sitting next to me and usually that makes me incredibly uncomfortable especially in such tight quarters but we ended up talking a bit as well. The Professor was going on about loads and loads of things that didn't seem particularly important. He has a Power Point Presentation up on the big projector and most times one slide would be up for at least 5 minutes. When it came to a slide that we all needed for every class, it being a definition to a question we all have, he left it up there for maybe a minute and everyone sighed with frustration when he changed slides so fast. The guy next to me and I just laughed at the bullshit that just occurred and he and I chatted a bit when class ended about how we hope he puts the powerpoint online soon as well. 
Walking out of class, I ended up asking the girl if she wanted to meet up next time class happens beforehand so we can sit together again. We both agreed it's much easier sitting with someone and not having to sit alone so I'm actually looking forward to this class again because I won't have to be all alone. I did never get her name but we exchanged Facebooks right away... 21st century oh goodness. 
The night ended with me forcing myself to workout and a nice, refreshing, hot shower after a long long Monday. I have class a little later tomorrow so it'll be nice to sleep that extra few minutes. Tomorrow's a new day and I'm just trying my best to stay positive. You never know what this week max bring. 
Stefanie xx

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