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Today is my first weekend since the start of Uni and I decided to go see a movie with my new good friend Sandra. It's incredibly refreshing being around someone who speaks English in Austria and I've found myself truly enjoying her company. We met up at the Cinema midday to watch the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie. We had both read the book and wanted to give the movie a try even though the book was not very well written and a bit adolescent for taste. Before the movie began we chatted a bit about classes and Sandra mentioned how I was coming to be a really important and good addition to the Writers Circle group she runs. It felt so nice being wanted somewhere and we have our next meeting this Wednesday which is something to definitely look forward to. The movie ended up not being absolutely horrible, the lead female actor was truly beautiful but the movie itself ended up being rather corny and overdramatic. The special effects were simplistic and not well done and the lead male character who played Jace was not who I would have chosen to fill the bad boy love interest. Sandra said he looked like a frog with big ears, I just was distracted the whole time by how unattracted to him I was. Overall, it was a lovely outing and a nice quiet Saturday. 
I decided I would post a simple outfit of the day because I took some pictures before leaving. 

Bodycon Skirt, Muscle Tee, Cardigan, tights and Staple Necklace : H&M 

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